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Going home for Christmas? Here’s our essential top 10 Christmas prep tips...

We made it to December! The first term is almost over, trees and decorations are going up, the jingle bells are out and the mulled wine is warming – well, ‘tis the season! Many will be busy finishing assignments and meeting deadlines, but don’t leave it too long to start preparing for your Christmas break. Here’s our Christmas prep guide to take some of the stress away.

1. Book your train tickets in advance

This will save you money. Save even further by using a 16-25 railcard click here for more info and be flexible about the route and time you travel.

2. Get as much work done as you can before you leave

Putting in a few extra hours so you don’t have unfinished uni work to complete over Christmas will be worth it!

3. Make a plan for any revision or work that you need to complete for January exams or deadlines

Making a plan and sticking to it will help you to feel much more relaxed and prepared! Visit the student room to create your free revision timetable.

4. Return Library books

You don’t want to be stung by late fees!

5. Check your fridge

Empty out your fridge and cupboards for any perishables – no one wants to face cottage cheese milk or bread that’s growing its own eco system after the Christmas break, especially not the smell! If you have anything with a long date or that you simply won’t use, why not donate to a food bank such as The Trussell Trust.

6. Take down your decs

When you’re back in January with the post-Christmas blues you won’t want to face putting away decorations and hoovering up the glitter! You will thank me later!

7. Do your Christmas shopping online and get it sent home

This will save you having to lug all of your presents and luggage on the train home! Amazon have a discount on Prime for students.

8. Pack the essentials

Don’t over pack, take as much clothing as you need to see you through the Christmas break. Don’t forget your laptop, books or work you might need to complete over the holidays.

9. Lock up!

Lock away any valuables out of sight. Ensure windows and doors are locked and secure. Don’t advertise your absence on social media.

10. But most of all remember, Christmas is a time to relax, have fun and most of all… Spend time with those we love! Merry Christmas from all of us at Yorlinc!

Written by Laura Cunningham, Social Media Editor

1st December, 2021