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Tips and tricks on how to budget and keep track of...

Commencement of the new academic year has seen many students return from a much needed summer break, along with all the freshers who, for the majority, will be away from the family...

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Long Covid: What it can mean for you

We have all been dealing with a lot for the past 2 years. Covid seemed to control our lives, and with many of us getting so sick is it any wonder? Now though, as we start to see a ...

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Superior assessments, no matter where you live!

You have qualified for Disabled Students’ Allowance due to a long-term disability, but where do you go from here? The next step is to book in for your DSA Needs Assessment, but wit...

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Top 5 tips to manage stress at university

As the new academic year commences and students are set to embark on, or indeed, return to their university course. It is important to remember to look after our mental health, es...

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Ellie's DSA experience

University of Lincoln student, Ellie Evelyn, found the help she needed through the Disabled Students Allowance's. Here, she answers some of the questions many students who are thin...

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More than 50% of eligible students are missing out...

As this university year draws to a close for some, the next few months will begin the journey into higher education for many others. UCAS applications submitted, Student Finance En...

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Government calls on universities to improve suppor...

The government has called for universities to increase the number of students with disabilities going into higher education, and to provide greater support to help them succeed.

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How to make websites more accessible to people wit...

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, said that it was an essential aspect of the web that it must be accessible to 'everyone regardless of disability.'

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Higher Education booming in Lincoln

Less than a quarter of a century ago, Lincoln did not have a single university to its name, but it is now a bustling student city with two higher education establishments on the ri...

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