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[ For rates see: Assistive Technology Training ]

YorLinc has provided specialist one-to-one Assistive Technology (AT) Training since 2002. Training in the assistive software is delivered within the student's home/accommodation. Typically this is delivered in 3 hour sessions and includes the configuration of the system to an individual's access and display preferences.

Students are guided through the features of the adaptive software and taught how to implement the tools in order to facilitate their studies. Training also covers familiarisation and use of digital recorders and other devices if such items have been recommended in the assessment of needs.

YorLinc has a team of highly experienced assistive technology trainers who are certified by software developers and are constantly updating their skills in order to provide students with the best possible training available. Each training session lasts for approximately 3 hours and is tailored to the student's learning style and pace. To ensure full benefit is obtained from the equipment and software, several sessions are usually recommended. Therefore, if the student requires regular breaks, prefers to learn hands-on, or go over the same feature more than once, this will be accommodated.

Programmes and technology we are frequently requested to provide training in include:

  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications familiarisation and orientation
  • TextHelp Read and Write Gold and Standard
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Inspiration and mind manager
  • OmniPage
  • ZoomText
  • Hand held portable and freestanding CCTV systems
  • Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor
  • Specialist Spellex, Inductel Medical and Franklin spell check applications
  • CD-ROM and Visual Thesaurus
  • Oxford English CD-ROM Dictionary
  • Use of and downloading from Digital recording devices
  • Wizcom reading pen

This list is not exhaustive.

We are also able to provide training to users of some assistive technologies in HEI and other local institutions.

Training can be arranged through contacting our Lincoln office.

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