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Preparing for your Assessment

If you wear reading glasses please bring these to the assessment with you.

If you wear a hearing aid a note of the model of device used may be required by the assessor.

It is also recommended, though not compulsory, to bring the following:

  • A note of the specification (make and model, processing speed, RAM) of any existing personal computer equipment.
  • Sample of notes made in class.
  • Sample of work, if possible with tutor comments that exemplify typical feedback.
  • Your timetable (if available).

And find out about the following:

  • How your course is delivered.
  • Will you be using online resources and/or specific software and equipment.
  • How you will be assessed (exams, portfolio's, essays, presentations).
  • Frequency/duration of field trips and/or work placements.
  • If your course involves workshops or studio sessions, what computer platform is used (Windows/Apple Mac).

It would be beneficial if you also give some thought to:

  • Any difficulties encountered due to your condition during prior education/work and what strategies/support were helpful.
  • How your disability may affect your studies now (classes may be bigger, information delivered at a faster pace and the need to self-direct one's own work and to locate relevant research material will increase).
  • Any questions you may wish to ask.

Ergonomic Aids and Assistive Technologies have helped to overcome many hurdles for students with disabilities:

Ergonomic chair Assistive technologies